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How do we do that? On Sierra, I had to go to: Hi Guys I'll become crazy with the same issues on my mac os x sierra. Please help Quote from: Hi, I found a solution which worked for me.

I've downloaded the driver from elegoo http: BR Falsanu. I'd previously got the board working under I had a little trouble getting the advice on the different forums to work so here is what I did. I bought just an Arduino nano. No chance to select a serial port.

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At last it helped installing this driver: Now I can select a port named wchusbserial Are you running the latest Arduino IDE on your mac? Pharap Pharap What error message do you get? Did you remember to set the board type to Leonardo or Arduboy? Also, do you see anything from the following output.

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No such file or directory i ran the code when ab was connected and on. I thought that might be the problem.

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This happened couple times before, but I managed to get it working by unload and loading the FTDI driver. But now, nothing works. Also I am using openocd from homebrew.

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Here is my system information:. Fresh back from LinuxFest and I just picked this board up. Hi, I am using macosx and I am able to program the board in Arduino environment.

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Wachs Here is the part of the document that resolved my problem: I find tty. Now when ever I try to program my board, I am getting the following error: The following is my ftdi setup: Here is my system information: Fri Mar 3 I write two scripts for uploading and uart message: