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Video from your next high definition production. When scaling from standard definition SD to high definition HD , Instant HD's algorithms generate the missing pixels with integrated sharpening and anti-aliasing for sharp, clear results inside your favorite video application. Color sets the mood of your story, from the gritty blue of an action to red hot romance, and Magic Bullet Looks 2 redefines how you design with color. Looks 2 keeps the heart and soul of Looks 1 while upgrading to a more sophisticated interface, streamlined tools, and presets that meet your production needs.

Find inspiration for your video or film with powerful new controls like Colorista II grading, Cosmo skin correction and smart scope analysis. Choose from a huge library of professionally designed presets that range from practical lighting scenarios to stylized Hollywood treatments. Looks 2 brings high end color to any budget. Now you can have one of the best tricks up your own sleeve.

Modern blockbusters often use a subtle coloring effect to warm up actors "skin tones while backgrounds and shadows get a cool blue treatment - but the trick is to do it while keeping your talent in focus. Magic Bullet Mojo gives you this modern Hollywood look in seconds, with easy customizable controls to suit any footage.

Whether you are in the studio or on location, PhotoLooks is a powerful new application that lets you manipulate and experiment with light while preserving essential photographic detail. Use it with Photoshop, Lightroom or Aperture or on its own.

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Sophisticated presets and customizable tools make it easy to control lighting conditions and create stylized effects. Get up and running right away with your camera. Take your photos from ordinary to a tropical beach or desert sunrise, or use effects like shutter. The new Source tool sits at the front of the toolchain so that you can tell it what type of footage you are working with, including Log, sLog2, Flat, Standard Video and more.

Removing video noise can leave your footage looking overly processed and smooth. The Renoiser tool reintroduces subtle video noise to denoised footage, but can also be used to give any footage an obvious 35mm, 16mm, or Super 8 film grain. Also includes sharpening to bring back the detail lost in the denoising process. Includes 16 built-in, fully-customizable presets for enhancing both color and black and white footage.

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Based on the incredibly popular plug-in of the same name, Mojo gives your footage the sophisticated color grade of a Hollywood movie, with film-like contrast and a unified, complementary color palette. Now with more control and 14 powerful presets. Provides the look of various film stocks.

These 2 tools work together to emulate the photochemical process used in motion-picture film. Magic Bullet Looks 4 includes a powerful 3-way color corrector, Hue, Saturation, and Luminance control for individual colors, and a Curves control, all in one tool.

Ranged color correction for Shadows, Midtones, Highlights, along with a Master color wheel that adjusts the whole image. Import a Look Up Table created in other grading applications, and extend it with additional Looks tools. Add or remove vignetting with this new, foolproof tool.

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Results mimic real-world lenses, and you can optionally reposition the center of the vignette. Keep up to date with the latest version of Magic Bullet Looks. View Installers.

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For Nvidia, we recommend 5xx, 6xx, or 7xx series graphics cards; mobile GPUs; or the professional series Quadro cards. VRAM size requirements: Watch our getting started videos to get up to speed with Magic Bullet Looks or browse our other tutorials. This user guide has been designed to help you get comfortable with all of the tools and features of Magic Bullet Looks. The suite is equally productive for both professionals and novices. There are lots of presets for the beginners to get started. On the other hand professionals can also make pallets right from the scratches.

There are loads of samples for the videos which can be chosen to apply effects onto your videos.

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In order to ensure the color harmony, you can adjust brightness and hue of the video. The rendering speed of Red Giant Magic Bullet Suite is quite awesome and this one factor only is enough for the music designers to tilt towards it. Red Giant Magic Bullet Suite also has the video out capability which means you can preview the videos that you have just changed.

The tones, colors and skintones can be adjusted easily. All in all Red Giant Magic Bullet Suite is a very productive tool for adding some spice to your video in order to give it a fresh new look.