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Because of the lack of sound proofing and isolation in the annexe, a number of sounds from instruments and vocals spilled over into other tracks. These included guide vocals, and a discarded guitar solo that can be heard during the instrumental break. On 14 August Lennon recorded a second lead vocal part.

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The 'Two, three' count-in, meanwhile, was recorded on 20 August, with Ringo Starr doing the honours. Who could play it? Who could sing it? Can white millionaires sing the blues? Not a soft, hypocritical attempt to recreate, sound like and rip off the tormented music of a southern share-cropper. Over the years this track has grown on me. I always liked how words are stripped one by one from the song at the end….. I play at a lot of blues jams and go to blues shows, I have never seen Yer Blues covered.

Remarkable if you think about it — since covering blues songs is part of the whole genre. I was never a fan of Hendrix particularly, but that would have been something to hear! Not only was Yer Blues a personal song but I believe it was also a swipe at the blues purists of that time. A performer such as John Mayall for instance, whom I saw one night lecturing the audience that there was only one way to perform old blues songs and that was in the traditional way.

Thus deriding what the Cream, among others, had done to modernize blues standards. Do you know what bass and amp combo he used? Ricky S as usual. For most of the WA sessions Paul was playing through a Fender silverface Bassman; I expect he just used that in the closet, prob with the master volume knob rolled back to avoid killing people, but with max preamp distortion gain. As great as the Beatles verion was, this was just a little tighter. Who is playing that second lead guitar? Is it Harrison? Did Clapton get an uncredited solo here? John plays the first solo; George plays the second solo.

This is a wicked cool song. The tone of the guitar solo is really nasty too and unlike any other one they ever did. A fair whack of the white album has a distinctive grungy and gritty sound…a great counterpoint to the sheer beauty of Rubber Soul.. Also great counterpoint to the quieter songs on its own album — some of the most softly and delicately beautiful in their catalogue: The Beatles is a highly eclectic album — possibly their most — and it does it all with raw panache.

Anyone who has been in a band and has rehearsed in a tiny room will recognize the feel in that song. Cause as far as I could tell, Mr. Jones is the subject of the massive put down that is Ballad Of A Thin Man and therefore should be feeling suicidal. I always hear the first solo as being played by John and the one that directly follows to be by George. Any thoughts?

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The bit where two solos are simultaneously played in the left and right channel? Er… I dunno, they kinda sounded like John to me. I know this thread is old, but for the record, Paul played a Fender bass on this track, I watched them record this the night they did it…. A very basic blues retread really.

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Paul is the most versatile bass player once again. But those guitars…. There is this moaning guitar in the background in the later song that is a subtle but perfect feel. Just hate it. There were a lot of British blues rock bands around this time doing this sort of stuff and nearly all of them very mediocre. This song just reminds me of those otherwise forgettable bands. Thats what was so great about the Beatles.

They were versatile. This song is different from the others. I think they did a great job just like they did with almost every song. Personally, I think listening to John try to cope with having been duped by that conman in India reveals much more about who he was than Yer Blues.

The Dirty Mac: Yer Blues

The irony that somehow George, who had a disdain for Yoko could play notes on guitar that sound exactly like Yoko singing! That very song recounts the tale of Mr.

Yer Blues (Remastered 2009)

Jones and it makes no sense really. I could just see John and George sitting and talking about wtf is Mr. Damn I would have loved to be there with them. Dylan was fed up with journalists by this point and would never let a filmmaker get this close to him again. Interesting to see nobody mentioning the similarity to Heartbreak Hotel. The Rock and Roll Circus version was tepid by comparison. In Toronto, he anticipates his turn and comes out totally blazing, then throws down a blistering run to wrap it up.

You can see the performance on youtube, but that version has more of Yoko wailing. Check out the album version on youtube.

It has a better mix with less wailing. Fantastic vocals by John Lennon and musicianship by all the Beatles. This is definitely an underrated song in my opinion. Does anyone know who plays which guitar part?


I got the impression that the first solo is John and the second one is George. However, what about the riffs? Who plays which part for the riffs during the verses? John and George each played a solo. Funny… I was listening to this, and noting the cut-off at 3: Almost sad to find this out, after all this time. It sounds more like that little room they played in. Yer Blues was written in India, too. The same thing up there trying to reach God and feeling suicidal.

The funny thing about the [ Maharishi 's] camp was that although it was very beautiful and I was meditating about eight hours a day, I was writing the most miserable songs on earth. That's how I felt.

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George had this idea that he wanted to do it in the control room with the speakers blasting, so that he got more of an on-stage feel I remember that John Lennon came in at one point and I turned to him and said, 'Bloody hell, the way you lot are carrying on you'll be wanting to record everything in the room next door!

Yer Blues, on the White Album, you can't top it. It was the four of us. That is what I'm saying: It was this group that was together ; it was like grunge rock of the sixties, really — grunge blues. Latest Comments. Theo Driessen Sunday 26 April Joe Monday 27 April The Fillmore East First Show. The Radio Show Cornerstones: The Jimi Hendrix Anthology Fire: All Is by My Side. Book Category. John Lennon. Discography Song list. Unfinished Music No. Two Virgins Unfinished Music No.

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Lennon Legend: The Definitive Lennon Power to the People: The Hits Icon. A Love Story Imagine: John Lennon Working Class Hero: A Tribute to John Lennon S. John Lennon Instant Karma: Keith Richards. Live at the Hollywood Palladium, December 15, Vintage Vinos. Retrieved from " https: The Dirty Mac members English hard rock musical groups English blues rock musical groups Supergroups music John Lennon Musical groups established in United Kingdom rock musical group stubs.

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