How to format hard drive mac snow leopard

Step 2: Erase the hard drive

Do not use the Here is a picture from a What's selected on the left is then changeable by the actions on the right side. Indented names are visible partitions on the drive above.

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For instance I'm booted from my Macintosh HD partition and therefore cannot Repair that partition grayed out. If you keep First Aid: Repairing Permissions and it keeps fixing things, that's ok, Apple has just changed something in OS X. If you can't see your drive on the left, that's a pretty serious issue, especially if there are no backups of the users files.

Perform a Clean Install of Snow Leopard OS X

My computer is not working, is my personal data lost? I have outlined a possible solution to overwriting deleted data on SSD's, however it's no sure proof method. Quit and select the volume on the How to erase and install Snow Leopard If you have a BotoCamp or other partitions on the drive, you can chose to erase only the Macintosh HD partition and install OS X there, instead of the entire drive. When you boot up new, your greeted to the Welcome video and all that fresh setup business, you can use TimeMachine there to restore or migrate from a clone drive of If you need Mac's that came originally from the factory with Ok you either erased the entire drive, it's blank, or you erased just the Macintosh HD partition.

You will need a fast and reliable Internet connection as OS X is now downloaded, not on the computer or drive. Restoring your Free iLife iPhoto, iMovie etc. Communities Contact Support. Sign in. Browse Search. Ask a question.

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  • User profile for user: Erase, formatting, OS X installs on Mac's by: How to revert your Mac to Snow Leopard If your here to turn over ownership, your in the right place, read on also followed by visiting for more details: If you don't have your data backed up on other medium and need to perform data recovery efforts first: Use a tiny bit of rubbing alcohol and a clean soft cloth to polish.

    Macs that came new with Get the free MacTracker for details about your Mac, essential for picking the right Need a Call Apple via phone only to order these disks. Machine specific has free iLife, not on If you have completed the applicable steps in the article you came from, the next step is going to be to erase the hard drive to prepare it for re installation of the Operating System: Mac OS X v How to Erase and Install http: Part One: Erasing the hard drive Turn on the computer.

    How to reinstall Mac OS X from scratch

    Restart the computer. Press and hold the "C" key while the computer starts up. The computer will start up using the Install media. Alternatively, press and hold the Option key at startup to select the volume containing the installer. If your are using a wireless mouse, a mouse icon should appear asking you to turn the mouse on so that the computer can discover it.

    Select a language, then press the right arrow key. Click the Utilities menu, the choose Disk Utility. Select a volume to erase usually called Macintosh HD. Click the Erase tab. Click Erase This step will completely erase your hard drive. A dialog box appears asking if you want to erase the partition: Thank you for using Apple Support Communities. All the very best, Sterling. See more details here.

    Here's an official apple support article about all the installation options available. It occurred to me after posting this that, while your question clearly states you want to format your disk, I wanted to mention that this will erase all data on your disk, including applications and your data. So make a backup first. Alternatively, you could just perform an "Archive and Install" which will give you a clean OS, but leave your data and applications in tact.

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    Ask Question. Restart your computer. It will then ask you which drive you want to boot from.