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Now, try to switch to your external adapter, and repeat the above steps. If the address changes, your computer is definitely using the external adapter.

How to Install and Set Up a Wireless Adapter (Mac)

Did this: There i found a bluetooth plistfile. I trashed it, reboot and then my USB Dongle was finally recognized. You shouldn't have that much of a reception issue from 1. Even with some interference between the mini and your mouse, BT should be fine so I might be suspect of something else causing the issue rather than the Mac Mini BT card. By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

DrummerB DrummerB 2 4 9. What is the model of your USB Bluetooth dongle? Does it come with a driver CD? It's a Hama stick, without a CD. I tried turning off Bluetooth in the System Prefs, then plug in the stick, then reactivate Bluetooth and it worked. I had to reconfigure the mouse and keyboard.

But when I restart it seems to use the built-in controller again. Is your problem fixed? If yes, please mark the right answers, else please add info. As of macOS Allan Now available from developer. To force the system to use USB Bluetooth dongle by default, run the following command: To return to the default, run: The first one it finds is the one that it uses; leaving the other one unusable. The Bluetooth Explorer does not see this controller as a separate device so you cannot select it.

Furthermore, you can not disable bluetooth without inhibiting the dongle at the same time. Here is the pairing instructions, which are also on the Wiki page that should go live when the TextBlade ships. So here is the catch: So I am careful about turning off all my bluetooth devices and always powering up the TextBlade first. The other interesting thing is that if the TrackPad pairs with the dongle and I take my TextBlade on a trip to the local coffee shop to use with my phone.

Bluetooth Adapter that works in Sierra?

When I get back and switch to the Mac Jump slot, it will work fine, because the TrackPad is paired with the dongle. My language is a bit flawed above, because the TextBlade actually is pairing with the Mac thru the dongle. The dongle does not remember the pairing device ID, the Mac does. I hope this helps. I will write up the other dongle tomorrow that is paired in a manner that it looks like a USB keyboard and works with almost any computer without going thru the pairing process. This one pairs the TextBlade with the dongle and the Bluetooth stack runs on the dongle.

Part Two. I got the dedicated dongle for two reasons: Both of these are better suited for a dedicated dongle that has the bluetooth stack running on the dongle.

You pair to the dongle and not the computer and thus only pair once but then use it on any computer that supports a USB keyboard. The solution is rather involved. You must first purchase a dongle with the correct chipset and that has 64k of memory. The TREG community has been using. The setup procedure is not for the faint of heart but has been automated by some good TREGers not me.

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The procedure is to install VirtualBox emulator on a computer; download the custom toolbox; setup a few things and then basically run the script while the TextBlade is looking for a device to pair with. The scripts have recently took a leap forward in automation and can now be re-ran to re-pair to another TextBlade. There is complete information on the WayTools Community Wiki page on how to do this option.

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My hope is that someday that WayTools will offer a dongle in their catalog that comes already paired with a TextBlade. For anyone who's interested - I set up a Laird dongle yesterday using the new scripts and it worked like a charm. I now can use the TextBlade with a Lenovo Windows 7 laptop. I got my TREG notice! Has anybody tried this dongle yet?

There seems to be a problem with MacOS, but I have not been able to find any information to assist in the debug. I was thinking that I might have to start a thread on the Apple Forum. Apple has played with the Bluetooth Stack so it even effects the VirtualBox. This is very frustrating and should be a concern to anyone with an older Mac, like me. An alternative would be to do it on another system 9perhaps a friends that is running Windows to bring up the VM.

I was thinking that I did not have access to a machine that could run the VM, but it looks like my wife's decade old machine running Snow Leopard is a candidate, according to VirtualBox's webpage. They cost about 15 bucks and fit nicely in a drawer until needed.

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BT must be paired to host devices, whereas RF peripherals establish connections independently from said devices. RF peripherals almost always come with a USB receiver often pre-configured which is required for use. Effectively, they just replace a physical, wired connection with a radio signal while maintaining the unrivaled plug-n-play compabitibility of USB. Bookmark this page, then go ahead and do that. Obviously, you should have already purchased and acquired your new Bluetooth dongle.

You can plug said dongle in at any point, but you may as well do it now. You'll be using Apple's development tools, so you'll need a developer account. This is a free, fast, and painless process, so don't let that dissuade you. It's linked to your already-existing Apple ID and uses the same password, so it barely even qualifies as opening a new account.

It'll be worth it. Make a note of the address before changing anything.

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Navigate to https: Feeling pretty tech-savvy now, aren't you? At the time of writing May , the latest release was version 8. Older versions should work, but I'd start with the most recent release. I have read a couple experiences where only older versions worked, but the authors were using El Capitan, Yosemite, or some other version of OSX that has long-since been replaced. I've seen several people suggest downloading Xcode to get Bluetooth Explorer - this is incorrect. They are independent, stand-alone utilities. Once the download has completed, find and open the. The program can either be run directly from the.

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However, I recommend the proper install because, If you're reading this, and just now figuring out that these resources exist, you're unlikely to need any of the other tools included in the. You know where to go to re-download the additional tools later, should the need arise. If a warning pops up, just click Open. While this may technically "fix" your bluetooth condrum, the author strongly advises against this course of action. Click activate and enter your Administrator password. You should be looking at something like this.

Did you make this project? Share it with us! I Made It! Diffraction Grating Kaleidoscope. Reply Upvote. RodrigoD93 5 weeks ago. Pyzel 8 months ago. I have the dongle plugged right into my MacBook. Any ideas? RomanM65 10 months ago. Thank you for instruction, works like a charm.