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This font viewed times and downloaded times. You can also downloads other fonts: If you like this font don't forget share them with you friends! Bernhard Modern Std Roman Added: Europa Grotesque Extra Bold Added: Plantin Added: Bauer Bodoni Std 1 Roman Added: House Broken Clean Added: Candida Std Roman Added: Simoncini Garamond Added: Berling Roman Added: Antique Olive Roman Added: Trump Mediaeval Roman Added: Meta Plus Black Roman Added: Meta Plus Bold Roman Added: Euro Sans Added: Charme Std Roman Added: After Pence was chosen, Trump switched to Montserrat, a free typeface that is part of the Google Fonts library.

A general feature of FF Meta is relatively open apertures , in contrast to the more folded-up appearance of Helvetica.

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This is believed to promote legibility and make the letterforms more clearly different from one another. Development began in February [1] when Deutsche Bundespost approached Sedley Place Design , where Spiekermann was working at the time, and commissioned a comprehensive corporate design program.

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As the typeface would be used repeatedly in small sizes, for identification rather than copy , require two different weights , and printed quickly on potentially poor paper stock, the brief called for a very legible, neutral, space-saving, and distinguishable in regards to weight typeface with special attention to producing unmistakable characters. Taking into account research done on six font families and the constraints of the brief, the characteristics of what would become FF Meta began to take shape. The typeface would have to be a sans-serif to match the client, narrow but not condensed to save space, feature strokes thick enough to withstand uneven printing but also light so that individual characters do not run together, contain clearly distinguishable glyphs for similarly shaped characters, versatile capitals and figures that are clear but not obtrusive, and curves, indentations, flares, and open joins to combat poor definition, optical illusions, and over-inking.

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In addition to these demands, to meet Bundespost's needs, the family would also contain three fonts: After completing and digitizing the typesetting font, mockups were generated for Bundespost's new forms and publication. However, despite positive interest from the German Minister of Telecommunications among others, [8] Bundespost decided not to implement [1] the new exclusive typeface for fear it would "cause unrest".

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Spiekermann wrote an article on the abandoned design for Baseline magazine in Years later, realizing that Bundespost and Sedley Place Design would never utilize the typeface, Spiekermann with his company MetaDesign decided to continue work on the typeface and eventually published it—along with other orphaned typefaces [9] —under his newly formed publishing label FontFont resulting in the release of FF Meta in Writing in , Spiekermann gave these credits for Meta as originally designed for the Bundespost.

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