Powerpoint mac spell check not working

Many of the editing tasks related to spell check cannot be done within PowerPoint -- in fact you need to do these tasks in Word.

How to Spell Check a Completed PowerPoint Presentation - dummies

Fortunately though, any changes made within Word reflect within PowerPoint as well. Most techniques explained in this page therefore pertain to both PowerPoint and Word. Follow Indezine.

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If the Do not check spelling and grammar check box is selected, the spelling in your documents is not checked. In Word , click Set Language in the Proofing group. In the Language dialog box, clear the Do not check spelling or grammar check box. The Do not check spelling and grammar setting may be applied to an entire file or just parts of it. If spelling is being flagged for a language you didn't intend or aren't using, you can change the proofing or dictionary language that Office uses.

To learn how, see Check spelling and grammar in a different language. If the spelling and grammar isn't flagging words or phrase that you know are incorrect, you may have chosen to ignore them during a previous spell check.

Spellcheck problems in Microsoft Word 2008

In Word, Outlook, PowerPoint , and PowerPoint , you can force a recheck of the words and grammar that you previously choose to ignore. To learn how, see Recheck spelling and grammar that you previously chose to ignore. If the spelling and grammar checker is skipping certain sections of a document, those sections may be marked to ignore. To learn how to clear this setting, see Clear text marked as do not check spelling below. If the grammar checker flags errors you don't want to fix, you can customize the grammar and writing style rules to be less restrictive.

How to Make Spell Check in Powerpoint

For more information on how to turn off rules for specific grammar or writing styles, see Select grammar and writing style options. In certain programs, you can also simply turn off grammar checking. On the File menu, click Options , and then click Proofing.

In Outlook and later: In Word In Outlook In Word, Outlook, and PowerPoint, you can make the spelling and grammar checker ignore text. For example, say you insert some text from an informal e-mail message that contains sentence fragments and slang terms, and you want the spelling and grammar checker to ignore all mistakes in this block of text.

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In Word: On the Review tab, in the Proofing group, click Set Language. In Outlook: In the Spelling drop-down list, in the Proofing group, click Set Language. In PowerPoint: On the Review tab, in the Proofing group, click Language. Read More….

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